Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage Definition

Holistic Massage Therapy is massage therapy performed on a holographic model. This is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of working with energy on all levels. Unfortunately, the term Holistic Massage Therapy is frequently misused by massage therapists as a marketing term with inadequate knowledge or regard of how to work with energy in a holographic model.

The holographic model is the understanding that all the whole body is actually completely represented and accessible in all parts of the body. In other words, when you are working on an arm or foot or hand, the entire body is also present in that aspect of the body. It goes beyond the fact that the DNA is the same throughout the body. It’s also the energy field of the body is fully present and accessible from all areas of the body.

This is achieved through the power of Polarity Therapy integrated with massage therapy to create a truly Holistic paradigm of massage therapy.

Why Is Holistic Massage Valuable?

Holistic massage is able to address issues beyond stress, improving blood flow or lymph circulation. Holistic massage goes to the core of the being. To fully understand this without being well versed in energy work is practically impossible. Suffice it to say, when you do understand energy work as a large scale integrated system that operates on many levels along with the understanding of the principles of quantum physics (at least in general theory), your comprehension of how to work with the body fundamentally changes.

Is Holistic Massage Difficult?

That may sound overwhelming but if taught properly, you can do the work without knowing all of the science. You can learn specific techniques in the beginning that teach you how to experience the body on this profound level first. Then, as you work with it and experience it you will acquire the understanding of the underlying science over time.